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Our Tax Pros Specialize in:

  • Owed Back Taxes
  • Tax Levies & Liens
  • IRS Wage Garnishment
  • IRS Tax Audit 
  • Retirement Seizure
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Filing Returns for Un-filed Years
  • Business & Personal Tax Preparation

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We assist individual taxpayers, corporations, associations, and small businesses resolve back tax problems. Call 1-800-901-0885 to see if you qualify for tax relief! A 10-minute free consultation could save you 93% or more!

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1. Can You Represent Me Before the IRS?

Yes! Whether you need representation in tax court after an IRS audit to defend yourself against tax fraud claims or negotiate tax relief, we can do it. By assigning us a Power of Attorney, our seasoned team can go represent you in your case with the IRS.

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2. What Is a Fresh Start Initiative?

The Fresh Start Initiative is not a program in itself but a series of changes to current IRS Collection procedures and policies. It’s designed to let individual taxpayers and small businesses settle overdue tax liabilities.

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3. Can I Request An Offer In Compromise On My Own?

Filing for an IRS Offer in Compromise is complex. Various forms and huge levels of documentation are required. It behooves you to find the best arrangement to use a tax professional for those not well-versed in tax filings.

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4. How Do I Apply For a Fresh Start With The IRS?

You can apply for a Fresh Start with the help of tax professionals. The application can take several months to get approved if you do it alone. However, we can expedite the process so you can get your matter resolved as soon as possible.

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With our commitment to our clients as the foundation, it is our joy to see our clients save large sums of their money and help them get back on the right track with their taxes.


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