State Bank Levy

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State Bank Levy

An Order to Withhold (OTW) is a legal order that a State Tax Agency issues to collect a delinquent tax debt from an individual or business. This is also known as a bank garnishment or bank levy. If you have a delinquent back taxes balance, State Tax Agencies have the legal authority to collect. Levies are issued to collect 100 percent of the delinquent balance for taxes, penalties, fees, and interest. The laws of each state vary, and some states may provide more protection than others for funds in a bank account.

Time is of the essence and our experienced team of tax professionals at Coast One Tax Group have been assisting our clients in navigating through state bank levies since 2008. A free consultation will arm you with the information you need to enable you, in your best interest, to make the best-informed decisions. Call us today to learn more.

State Bank Ley
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