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Tax Relief Company In Los Angeles

When you’re worried about outstanding amounts and want to make fast tax settlements, hire a trustworthy tax relief company. 

Being unable to pay taxes on time isn’t something new, and the IRS has special programs to help you. Unfortunately, technical jargon and tax codes are beyond the understanding of common citizens; that’s why we offer our services to reduce your tax burden.

With a reputable company like us, you can come up with a suitable plan of action to clear all payments and abide by the tax laws.

Tax Relief Services

When you’re in need of tax relief help and looking to reach a resolution with the Internal Revenue Service, contact our team of tax professionals. Like any reputable organization, we offer a free consultation to analyze the outstanding loan and ask a few questions to determine if you qualify for the IRS hardship program. 

As per your answers, we’ll connect you with suitable tax relief experts because all Los Angeles taxpayers have unique requirements. These experts will guide you through possible tax resolution options, issue transcripts, and enable client protection. 

Also, we understand peoples’ financial hardships and accept monthly payments for our services. 

Payment Plan

When you choose us, we connect you with a tax attorney skilled in several areas, including back taxes, wage garnishments, penalties, interests, payroll issues, audit defense, and tax levies. Note that all these services are related to IRS tax relief, and we push for the IRS to accept installment agreements based on your situation. 

In other words, we look to strike a suitable deal that works both for taxpayers and the IRS, breaking down your estimated tax payments into manageable chunks. There are two payment options that tax relief companies like us offer – long-term and short-term payment. 

To qualify for the former, you must have back taxes less than $50,000 that can be paid in 120 days or more. But if your payable tax exceeds $1,000,000, you’ll have to make the payments within 120 days. 

Moreover, as part of the IRS Fresh Start Program, Los Angeles citizens need not pay penalties and interest while clearing the outstanding amount. 

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

In case your unpaid taxes are quite high, our tax relief program makes an offer in compromise to the IRS. You qualify for an OIC by showing that it’s not possible to pay a large amount, even through an installment agreement. After that, the IRS permanently lowers the tax payment to a manageable level. 

For tax relief, the IRS looks at 4 aspects: 

  • Assets 
  • Total income 
  • Total expense 
  • Ability/inability to pay off the amount

To help you, our tax professional will ensure that there are no tax defaults from the previous year, make estimated payments, and file the mandatory tax returns. We don’t rush this process lest the application is rejected and the tax problems remain unresolved. Rather, we are thorough with our analysis and duly follow the Los Angeles tax code.

Experienced Tax Attorneys

Not to brag, but consulting our tax attorneys will increase your chances of resolving the tax issue. Our attorneys possess the necessary experience and present an accurate representation of your financial status to the IRS. Moreover, they know how to make an offer that is likely to be accepted by the IRS prosecutor. 

We go through all the information regarding your income, assets, and expenses so that the offer is full-proof. Not to mention, we proactively quicken the application process and make sure that penalties and interest aren’t levied as part of the Fresh Start Program.

What Makes Us Different 

Having years of experience as a tax resolution firm, we know that it’s not possible to guarantee success. What we can do is provide the best opportunity for you to pay off the outstanding tax amount. 

With our Los Angeles tax relief professionals, you won’t have to sift through the numerous tax relief options and then wrack your brain to implement them. Our experts will take care of that for you and explain the importance of tax relief. 

Also, we understand individual problems and formulate suitable solutions that fit your needs. 

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So, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call today! Thanks to our free consultation, you can discuss your tax issue with our experts, hear about the possible solutions, and book an attorney. 

Also, you won’t need to worry about payments with our affordable and transparent fee structure. And since tax liability is a sensitive subject, our advanced security and encryption policy ensures that your personal information is in safe hands. 

We’ll be right by you, no matter how long it takes to resolve the issue.