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Tax Relief Sacramento

Doing your taxes is far from easy, and every year many people are troubled by the thought of the IRS reaching their doorstep.

You may have even stopped opening notices or letters sent by the IRS, hoping that they will somehow get solved on their own. But, that’s not how it works, and in most cases, taxpayers are too late when finally contacting the IRS.

Whatever be your reason, the IRS may soon start taking actions such as imposing liens, levies, or wage garnishment to collect the back taxes the IRS believes is due. Indeed, things can get very messy very quickly if you don’t settle your taxes on time.

That’s why we have taken the initiative of helping our clients to deal with all kinds of tax problems even when the IRS is already knocking at your door. If you are located in Sacramento, CA, we have services to deal with both Federal and State tax relief.

Why Choose A Tax Resolution Specialist

In most instances of minor tax troubles like a missed payment date or late filing of tax, taxpayers can handle the situation themselves.

However, when someone is faced with a situation where the IRS has sent them several notices or moved forward with penalties, it’s time for professional help. This usually comes through a tax resolution specialist certified by the IRS to mitigate tax issues.

When working with a tax relief company like ours, you will be in touch with an enrolled agent, an attorney, or a certified public accountant. They will represent you in front of the IRS and negotiate payment plans or find any discrepancies present in your file.

Rest assured, the certified tax resolution specialists working with us have the expertise in dealing with various clients and are familiar with the law in Sacramento, CA.

When handling such cases, they strive to bring favorable settlements by negotiating with the IRS. Moreover, our experts help you form realistic expectations based on the situation at hand.

Why Choose Us?

As a tax relief company, we are fully involved and dedicated to your tax problems as soon as you book an appointment with us. During the free consultation session, we encourage you to tell us everything about your ongoing tax problems and any steps that you have already taken. After listening to you, our tax relief attorneys will recommend an action plan on how to approach the IRS.

Our company currently works in the areas of levies, liens, wage garnishment, seizures, failure to file a tax return, and payment plans, among others. However, we are open to giving you suggestions regarding any other similar tax issues you might face with Federal or State tax authorities.

We may suggest that you go forward with penalty abatement, installment agreements, or submit an offer in compromise based on the facts of your case. The representative provided to you will consult the IRS code along with checking your financial and tax information to provide the best possible settlement.

Besides, there’s no need to worry while dealing with tax issues, as we value client protection. Our tax attorney will take care of protecting your tax-related information while working on your case. These experts also do their best to retrieve your IRS file to check what problems, mistakes, or inconsistencies might exist, as knowing about them leads to easy resolution.


When To Get Tax Relief Help

Here are some instances when you should seek the help of tax attorneys for IRS representation to resolve the issues promptly.

A. Non-filed Tax Returns

One of the most common causes for the IRS reaching out to taxpayers is the non-filing of tax returns, which counts as an offense.

B. IRS Liens And Levies

Liens and levies are imposed by the IRS on a taxpayer when your tax payments are past due, or there are some other complications. While a tax lien puts restrictions on borrowings against your assets or ruins your credit report, levies often result in the IRS taking away the assets.

C. Wage Garnishments

By failing to address the notices or bills sent to you by the IRS, you might end up seeing huge pay cuts in your salary. This will continue until the IRS has been able to retrieve the whole tax balance due through deductions from your paychecks.

In all the situations mentioned above, the tax attorneys or resolution specialists working with us can help you resolve your tax-related issues with favorable payment plans.


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If you reside in Sacramento, California, and find yourself knee-deep in notices from the IRS, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We are always there to help you out — we offer free consultations that will let us know which tax relief service would best fit your situation. Seeking a full resolution from the IRS can take some time, but we promise to be by your side until the case is closed.

And taxpayers who are still questioning whether they need our services can write to us about ongoing tax issues with the IRS. Rest assured that our friendly team will assist you as early as possible to provide tax relief.