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Tax Relief Torrance

Completing a tax settlement or clearing outstanding tax amounts might seem a burden to common citizens. 

After all, not everyone will be familiar with the technicalities and concepts related to filing tax returns. And that’s where you can seek help from a trustworthy tax relief company like ours. 

We’ve been offering a number of tax relief services across the US for years now. In fact, with our assistance, lots of clients have paid their taxes without feeling burdened by high outstanding amounts.

Our Tax Relief Services

Through our tax relief services, we lawfully and systematically alleviate the pressure of clearing state and federal taxes, both of which are collected by the California Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) respectively. Note that our experienced tax professionals are licensed by this federal agency to practice across the country. 

The tax issues that we address include wage garnishments, unfiled tax returns, levies, audits, liens, and several others. Our team caters to each client with the most effective solutions based on their financial standing, past tax-payment records, and other relevant case-specific details.   

To know more about the various ways we can help you deal with tax-related issues, move on to the next few sections.

Tax Negotiation

A common question with regard to tax payments is whether they are negotiable. So, here’s the answer — yes, the IRS lets you settle the tax via a payment or relief plan, and a negotiating firm can prepare that for you. 

We can deliver fair solutions in this regard, so let’s take a quick look at some government programs that our experts use to reduce the tax burden:

A. Installment Plans

For those who cannot pay off their tax balance with a single full payment, the best alternative is to negotiate an installment plan with the IRS. And if you decide to go ahead with this plan, you will need to fill out some forms or talk over the phone with one of our agents regarding your financial standing. 

To make sure you don’t end up paying more, it’s best to work with experts who can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. We can set up a reasonable installment plan for you that can ease your burden to a great extent.  

Now, in case you’re faced with financial hardships and can’t pay the required monthly installments, you can seek approval for an Economic Hardship Partial Payment Installation Plan (PPIA) from the IRS. 

But let’s face it — that can be a tricky affair. You need to put forth financial records along with a letter conveying your hardship and why the organization should approve the reduced payment. 

Luckily, our professionals specializing in tax negotiations can help you with all the necessary paperwork by preparing, organizing, and submitting the financial statements and the letter to the IRS.  

B. Offer In Compromise

Through our tax negotiation services, we’ve helped several clients obtain favorable outcomes for their OIC requests. In such situations, the IRS considers certain facts regarding your financial standing, such as:

  • Income
  • Ability to pay
  • Asset equity
  • Expenses

The initial payments under an Offer In Compromise will depend on the offer you make and the chosen payment option. For instance, you may choose to submit an initial payment of 20% of the total amount, and any remaining balance must be cleared in five or fewer payments. 

A period payment option also lets you make the payments in monthly installments. And in some cases, the IRS takes hold of your property in exchange for the unpaid amount while you’re making the payments. 

Tax Resolution

Taxpayers who are faced with back tax issues often tend to delay the payment until the IRS or the FTB issues a tax lien or a bank levy on their property. We can assist you in different ways in resolving such federal or state tax problems, some of which are:

  • IRS tax expiration
  • Currently non-collectible
  • Bank levy releases
  • Preparing tax audits
  • Lien removal

Why Should You Trust Us? 

Since our inception, we’ve safeguarded the interests of our clients while addressing their tax issues, thanks to our strict privacy policy. 

For all clients, we follow a structured process of putting forth several options for resolution, such as monthly payments or the IRS hardship program, recommending the the qualifying resolution that is the most beneficial to you among them. It’s also worth mentioning that our team of tax attorneys has handled a variety of tax resolution cases for innumerable clients. 

Our team can prepare payment plans, tax audit reports, and other crucial financial documents with utmost accuracy as per your requirements. Thus, you can count on our team to negotiate a payment plan or resolve a tax issue in a manner acceptable to the IRS. 

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