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At Coast One Tax, trust is the foundation of our success. With the highest ratings from our clients, we’ve earned a reputation for tenaciously fighting for each case, ensuring favorable outcomes. Explore our reviews and witness how we deliver personalized, reliable services that lead to financial freedom. Partner with us today and experience the difference firsthand.

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Guy P.


Coast One handled my tax issue in a prompt and professional manner. I was six years behind in paying my taxes. Coast One prepared my taxes, then set up a payment schedule with the IRS that let me keep my house. They then fought with the the IRS to eliminate my penalties, which totaled $33,000. After one denial from the IRS, they appealed my case and won. Because of Coast One, I now can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I highly recommend their services.


S. Atika


Coast One allowed me to have peace again. I was in tax liability over my ears and saw no way out. With a little time and patience they took me out of tax bills and gave me my life back. I owed $44,000 and walked away paying $123 NO JOKE! Thank you to the amazing team at Coast One!


Sky Spolstra

Such a great company in my eyes. Took care of the debt with expert responses to the IRS. Went from 20k IRS debt to not having to pay anything, just have to file my taxes on time moving forward and i do not have to surrender a penny. Worth the retainer for me.

Jess T.


Coast one Financial saw my family through our entire settlement to the end! They did everything they promised, and got us a major settlement savings! My husband and I can’t thank them enough!


Nikki H.


COAST ONE IS AMAZING! They were very patient and attentive with me during a HORRIBLE experience with the IRS. They listened and were able to get them to understand my situation. I would recommend them to anyone needing assistance!


Armando A.


If you have a business or just opened a business and don’t know anything about taxes call them. I am a business owner and can’t thank them enough for everything they did for me. They set up my corporation and helped me with all filing requirements with IRS and State.


Shawn E.


I heard about Coast One Financial Group on TV commercial. They filed an Offer in Compromise with IRS. My tax liability got settled down to 1,000 cash offer. At first, I did not have any hope IRS will agree but my case attorney made it happen.


Nalezi K.


We are pleased and amazed with the job they do !! Coast one made something that was impossible for us possible !!! After being lied to by a different company, who took our money and did nothing for us, hopeless we were referred to Coast one by a very good attorney. Coast one ended our nightmares, resolved the tax liability issue we had with IRS. Thank you Coast One for being professional, honest and hard working company. !!!!!! Raphael O.


Jeff S.

The Professionals at Coast One were able to help us reach a settlement with the IRS that saved us from closing our doors. I highly recommend using their services for anyone needing help with resolving an issue with the IRS!

George A.


Coast One Financial Group since day one of my tax liability which I had owed IRS has not only taken me to solve my IRS case in a timely manner but, with integrity, understanding, most willing to work with me to resolve my situation professionally, respect and their utmost attention to detail, knowledge in reducing the amount significantly and I mean significantly to almost zero in dollars compared to what I owe from the start.


Arthur F.


I am extremely happy with my business experience with Coast One Financial Group. At first I was skeptical about dealing with them but the help they gave me could not have been more professional. I am grateful for companies like them. I would not be hesitant about dealing with them again or recommending someone to them.