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Tax Negotiation

Taxpayers facing back taxes can negotiate with the IRS to settle unpaid amounts. Coast One Tax Group offers expert assistance in negotiating tax agreements, helping clients resolve tax liabilities effectively since 2008.

When Can You Negotiate Tax?

Tax can be confusing. There are many laws, methods to file, and different deductions we use yearly to complete our taxes. Often, filing errors on taxes result in partially or fully unpaid taxes on federal, state, and local levels. This then leads a taxpayer to acquire back taxes, however, back taxes can be negotiated.

The best way to handle them is to respond to the notice for the full payment letter of the IRS immediately. If not, a Final Notice of Intent to Levy is ordered, and taxpayers accumulate interest and penalties such as garnishments or levies on wages. 

How To Negotiate Your Tax?

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. The tax experts at Coast One Tax Group can help you with a Tax Negotiation with the IRS. Our legal team has been successful in negotiating the terms of the agreement and settling the liability of our clients since 2008. Have questions on Back Tax Negotiation? Feel free to call us at 1-888-344-0653.


S. Atika

Coast One allowed me to have peace again. I was in tax liability over my ears and saw no way out...

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A 10-Minute Call Could Save You Up to 93% or More