A 10-Minute Call Could Save You Up to 93% or More

Tax Resolution

It can be difficult to face tax liability alone. Coast One Tax Group can make a tough process much easier to navigate. Our goal is to help you resolve your tax issues in a way that provides you with the most favorable outcome.

Our expert team has helped many individuals like you find a reasonable way to overcome the crushing burden of tax liability. We explore all possible methods of resolving your tax problems and help ensure that you are spared any unnecessary and burdensome tax penalties.

The government can garnish your wages, put a lien against your property and even seize your assets. Our experienced staff is up to date on current tax laws and the correct methods of reducing or eliminating your liability burden. This assists in the prevention of your assets from being seized. We help our clients settle tax disputes in the best terms possible so that they can start afresh and move beyond the restraints and limitations caused by this type of liability.

The process begins with a free consultation that allows us to get an understanding of your unique tax situation. We can then begin to target specific tax resolution strategies that will help work out your liability problem. Once we agree to pursue a particular course of action, we’ll gather all of the necessary documents and fill out and file the required paperwork to ensure that your case is resolved as promptly as possible.

Your first step toward resolving your tax liability begins by picking up the phone and calling us. We are ready to help you find the solution that is best for you.


S. Atika

Coast One allowed me to have peace again. I was in tax liability over my ears and saw no way out...

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A 10-Minute Call Could Save You Up to 93% or More