A 10-Minute Call Could Save You Up to 93% or More

When you fall behind on filing your taxes, it may seem as if there is no hope of getting caught back up. The longer you wait, the more fees and interest charges add up. You might put off filing because you’re afraid to see how much you may really owe. Delaying your taxes can cause more problems than you may have ever imagined. Stop worrying, and get help today to file those back taxes.

If you continue to delay filing your back taxes, you may find yourself having to deal with the consequences from the IRS. When a taxpayer does not file a past-due tax return, the IRS may file a substitute return for you and begin enforcement action. Substitute returns oftentimes overestimate your true tax liability. As a result, you may end up owing even more than if you prepared the tax return yourself. IRS enforcement action may include liens, levies, or wage garnishments.

Some companies specialize in helping people with their back taxes. Many offer help with everything from filing taxes to negotiating an IRS settlement. Even if a substitute return has been filed for you by the IRS (based on information they have on file), it is still possible to file a return to correct the record. The company you choose can help you successfully navigate the complex collection process. Find a company with experience helping taxpayers with your specific situation. When looking for help filing back taxes, look for a company that is certified, licensed and knowledgeable about back taxes and how the IRS works.

Help is available for those who need to file back taxes. Just make sure you take care of those back taxes now before it is too late.