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Tax Articles

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Household Employers’ Tax Obligations

Household Employers’ Tax Obligations If you contract workers to help around your personal residence and pay them more than $2,300 a year, you are required to pay and withhold FICA taxes on your workers’ behalf. The government

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IRS Levy

IRS Notice CP504 Vs. IRS Notice LT11

IRS Notice CP504 Vs. IRS Notice LT11 If you have a tax problem related to tax liability owed to the IRS, you probably have been bombarded with intimidating letters from the IRS. The IRS loves to remind

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Delinquent Taxpayer

Delinquent Taxpayer Lists

Delinquent Taxpayer Lists Did you know that there are public digital records of taxpayers who owe back taxes? The taxing agencies in 19 states are required by law to publish a list of delinquent taxpayers

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Fresh Start Initiative

IRS Fresh Start Programs | OIC & CNC

What is the Fresh Start Initiative? In 2008, the first year of the Great Recession, our entire economy was collapsing!  Businesses were laying off workers and homes were being foreclosed upon in numbers not seen

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